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curious, do you have an estimation as to when this will be finished? really loving the story so far


according to steam, oct 2021


this demo is so nice!!! the art style and ui are beautiful, and i adore the use of color. the plot seems really fascinating!! and i'm already highkey in love with alyosha. i'm looking forward to the full release!!!!


Does getting this demo in the BTLM bundle also give rights to the full game once released? Demo was lit <3

I wonder the same thing.

retro wave forever ♥


Love the characters and the setting. The writing and artwork are stellar, all I have to say is keep up the good work. Thank you for your time and effort.


Oh I love the colour scheme it's stunning, characters look great also :o

Thank you!

This demo is so great !! I got an account just to play it ^^ good luck with the game !!


Very nice demo

i love the artstyle and the music. Beautiful backgrounds. Great and very detailed sprites and CGs.  

The story is good, too. It a bit reminds me of "Ghost In Shell". I like cyberpunk 

I just finished Frah's route. All the girls are sexy have nice and different personalities and styles.

Good luck with this project.

The demo is amazing! I can't wait for the full game! Backed and shared the KS, fingers crossed!

Thank you! We're so happy you enjoyed it!